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By Matthew M. Vriends.

    This book contain all the information you'll need to get setup and start breeding. It covers many aspects of lovebird care. The exceptional photography captures and beauty of the lovebird varieties.

By Alessandro D'Angieri, Rossano D'Angieri.

    The Colored Atlas of Lovebirds is the best source of genetic info about lovebirds, and is good for a beginner or a professional breeder. There are fantastic photos and illustrations of color mutations and descriptions of each species.

By Karl-Herbert Deply.

    Great for children between the ages of 9 and 1. New owners can find information regarding each species and their habits in the wild as well as their specific like and dislikes. This practical book passes along a lot of practical advice about caring for and breeding lovebirds; all illustrated with a gorgeous array of full-colors photos.

By Kenny Lebreton.

    This popular book contains practical information to get you started as a hobbyist. The profits from all sales go toward preservation of Brazil's rainforest. 

By George A. Radtke.

    This book is written for beginners who want to know how to select a healthy lovebird, breed them and take care of them, recognize problems and tame them. It is completely illustrated with illustrations and has been written by a world leading lovebird expert. 

By John Coborn.

    This book covers all topics of lovebird care, including the best way to breed this popular bird. The book has many images of all types of mutations. From natural history to exhibiting, this book is a must for experienced owners.

By Tony Silva and Barbara Kotlar.

    This exciting book is designed for maximum information value and dramatic eye appeal. Breeding these wonderful pets is discussed in great detail.

By Oliver Denton and Herbert R. Axelrod.

    The information in the book has been scientifically complied to meet the needs and wants of new hobbyists. The design format makes reading pleasure.

By Horst Bielfeld.

    An indispensable reference book covering all aspects of lovebirds and featuring a comprehensive section on the treatment of lovebird diseases.


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